USA: Free Kara and Krem! Two Walls Painted in Chicago


After being held for the past seventeen months in the largest prison in Europe, without so much as a trial date to give her solace, Kara Wild is now back in grueling prison purgatory waiting for her verdict to be announced on October 11th.

Kara is an anarchist from Chicago currently on trial in Paris facing three years in prison for allegedly burning a cop car (with the cop still inside!) during anti-labor law protests in 2016. So far the trial has been as one would expect; shoddy evidence and laughable statements from the state, including the argument that the police are a discriminated minority in society, a clear attempt at setting legal precedent to equate anti-police protests to Islamophobic or homophobic attacks.

In light of the state’s preposterous narrative, we set out to do some re-writing of our own. At twilight in Chicago, we painted FREE KARA WILD and FREE KREM twenty five feet high in the Wicker Park and Little Village neighborhoods, giving new life to depressing brick walls. Our hearts burn along with the 50 cop cars set ablaze by our comrades in Paris. We stand with comrades everywhere weaponizing their friendships to lash out against the apparatus which threatens to keep our friends in cages.

(via It’s Going Down)

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