France: Incendiary Solidarity (Responsibility Claim for the Arson Attack Against the Grenoble Gendarmerie)

21.09.17: This Thursday at three o’clock in the morning, the second day of the burned car trial.

We entered the Vigny-Musset gendarmerie barracks. We burned 6 intervention vans and two logistics trucks. More than 1500 square meters of the garage and the warehouse were destroyed.

This action is part of a wave of attacks in solidarity with people who are going on trial at the moment.

Strength to Kara and Krem.

A thought for Damien, recently beaten by the cops.

Whatever the outcome of the trial, the police and justice will continue to be attacked.

Our hostility is a fire that spreads.

The Nocturnals

(via Indymedia Grenoble, translated by Insurrection News)


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