USA: Nazi’s Truck Torched in Sacramento, California by Anti-Nazis At Night (ANAN)


in the early morning on august 16th clint durnay’s truck, which is shrouded in white supremacist and neo-fascist imagery, was torched. this golden state skinhead (gss) member was attacked at his home: 5032 kenneth ave., fair oaks , ca. many hours later it was confirmed that there was extensive damage to his truck.

this attack is in direct response to june 26th and the rising fascist tide in the united states.

at the state capitol in sacramento, ca on june 26th, 2016 approximately 20 gss and traditionalist workers party (twp) members had their rally shut down by hundreds of brave individuals who showed up to confront and halt white supremacy head on. frustrated at the shut down of their rally, gss and twp advanced upon the anti-fascist protesters and violently attacked them with knives, metal rods, and wooden poles. this vicious attack sent 9 anti-fascist individuals to the hospital many of whom were in critical condition. the entirety of the individuals attacked were either people of color or trans folks. this shines a light upon the exceptionally targeted act of racist and transphobic violence that it was. there are photos that clearly depict clint durnay attacking anti-fascists that day.

we understand june 26th wasn’t the beginning, and sadly it won’t be the end. from sacramento to charlottesville, it’s clear the fascist movement is growing and will stop at nothing short of murder to quell our resistance to them.

they cannot continue to attack, kill, and stifle us! we will fight back! 

for a world free of fascism in all of it’s oppressive manifestations! 

love and solidarity,
anti-nazis at night (anan)

(via Indybay)

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