Indonesia: Urgent! Compañera Anzi Matta Seriously Injured in Motorbike Accident


via 325:

Unfortunately, tragedy has struck again in our community in Indonesia. Our friend Anzi Matta was in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday 26 July. Her left arm is severely broken in several places and she desperately needs surgery to repair it. The estimated cost is about 20 million rupiah, approximately $1,500 USD. That is a year’s salary or more here. She needs this surgery urgently and as quickly as possible to save her arm. She will also require physical therapy to regain mobility. We are fundraising here as well, but we need all the help we can get.

Anzi is not only an activist, but also a writer, artist, and illustrator. She has written several articles for national and local news outlets on various community issues such as LGBTQ solidarity, and helped co-found the Bukan di Dapur (Not in the Kitchen) collective in 2015, a project concerning food sustainability and gender issues. From her close friends to homeless strangers on the street, Anzi always shares whatever she has. She has also contributed to many projects like providing books for community libraries and prisoners and helping small independent publishers. Her current collective project is to make a public kitchen to feed the homeless community in Yogyakarta.

From Eat, Anzi’s partner:

“Anzi is a passionate in terms of her political convictions and she also a loving partner and has a beautiful personality. “

We hope our friend won’t have to be permanently disabled due to a lack of funds. Even $5 can make an enormous difference.

Solidarity for Anzi!

Kalau di Indonesia dan mau transfer langsung, silahkan kontak.

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