So-Called Australia: Justice For Elijah – National Call Out For Justice


Join us to protest the unjust outcome of Elijah Doughty’s death.

Less than a year ago, on 29 August 2016, 14 year old Elijah Doughty was stalked, ran down and killed; an innocent victim of a race-hate crime. Today, Elijah’s killer, Mark Donnaly, was found not guilty for manslaughter and convicted of causing death by dangrous driving. He was sentanced to a mere 3 years soon to be released on parole.

Where is the national outcry for this innocent 14 year old boy? 
Where is the justice for the death of an innocent child? There is NO JUSTICE for a murdered Aboriginal child!!

In Solidarity with Elijah’s family, his community and Kalgoorlie we will stand in protest.

Bring your banners! Bring your flags! Bring your voice! Change is now.

(via Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance – WAR)

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