Athens, Greece: Logic flies out the window as the Prosecutor proposes Tasos Theofilou be found guilty of all charges


Reporting by Sylvia Varnava & Bayramidis Christos for OmniaTV, translated into English for Insurrection News by 187A

15.05.17: In a marathon of faulty reasoning, distortions, inaccuracies and prejudice – the proposal of the prosecutor Anna Kalouta was completed with the suggestion that Tasos Theophilou is guilty of all charges – just as the Greek Counter-terrorism service has indicated. The civil party – Alpha Bank’s lawyer and the lawyers of the sister of the deceased taxi driver – also followed this pattern.

In particular, Kalouta proposed the conviction of Theophilou for: intentional manslaughter while the perperrator was in a mild mental state, attempted homicide against the other civilians who acted against the robbers, robbery and membership of a criminal organization – the alleged involvement in the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and forgery.

Disapproval of what the expert witnesses said about the video of the robbery and the DNA sample without presenting any counter-arguments, rephrasing the dialogue “-This is customer’s money -Ah then I will not take it” into “I do not take money from banks”, citing the names of individuals who were previously accused of participating in the CFF and were finally acquitted, were just a part of the prosecutor’s proposal in an attempt to “substantiate” the loose indictment of the Counter-terrorism Service, provoking at the same time a few reactions from the audience.

The prosecutor referred to the scientists who were presented as witnesses in an ironic and contemptuous way, invalidating in this manner their scientific status without any evidence. She proved not only that she has not adequately followed the trial this whole time but also that she had come up with a formed opinion and proposal from the very first day.

The Alpha Bank lawyer and the victim’s sister’s lawyers continued to take the easy way by following the example of the Counter-terrorism Service, with no effort to search for real facts.

They totally identified with what the prosecutor said without managing to add anything new or meaningful to the case, while often repeating the exact words of the prosecutor.

Due to an upcoming strike, the hearing that was scheduled on the 17/5 will not take place and the trial will continue on the 27/6/2017 (Room 120A, 9am, 6th floor), extending the imprisonment of Tasos Theofilou for an additional month and a half.

A detailed article will follow on what the prosecutor and the civil party said. Their orations, which contradict common sense, were inconsistent with the facts as revealed by the evidence and the testimonies throughout the entire judicial process.

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