Switzerland: May Day Antifascist Action at the Turkish Consulate in Zurich

Today on the afternoon of the revolutionary May 1st, with about 120 people we converged on the Turkish Consulate on Weinberg street in Zurich in solidarity with the resistance in Turkey, Rojava and Bashur. While we were there we left some colourful traces, so that they will remember the demo for a few days.

We had two objectives with this demo. First, we wanted to show solidarity with all those who oppose the Turkish state and fight for a revolutionary perspective – no matter where. Secondly, the demo was a contribution to bringing the fighting history of May 1st back to the forefront. We oppose the bourgeoisization of May 1st by the leaders of the Social Democrats, the trade unions and the Alternatives List.

There are many issues that were taken to the streets on May 1st, different struggles that are all connected. We think that the current situation in Turkey is the most concrete expression of the capitalist crisis. Using barbaric methods, the AKP is in power, with the Constitutional Amendment being used as a further step towards the fascization of the country. Anybody who declares themselves as being anti-fascist or who fights against reactionary agitation and racism cannot remain silent or inactive about the situation in Turkey.

The demo was also an expression of the fact that May 1st is a day of fighting. It is necessary to defend this tradition. While the executive politicians of the Social Democrats, the Greens or the Alternatives List have been sending a huge contingent of police to the streets of Zurich to prevent anything happening outside their permitted framework, the rest of the party members try to undermine May 1st from within to move it towards the right. While the SP organized a retirement event in the afternoon of May 1st where it tries to legitimize its renewed betrayal of the workers, the AL recently tried to conceal an event celebrating the history of police headquarters in Zurich. This is representative of its party, a party that bears the political responsibility for the cop’s work.

Fasizme karsi omuz omuza – Shoulder to shoulder against fascism!
May 1st – Free Streets!

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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