Rojava: IRPGF Statement of Solidarity with Chinese Feminists


在 2017 年 3 月,中国女性主义同志的微博被中国政府强行关闭。这不是单一事件,在过去
一段时间中国政府不断骚扰和打压女性解放和酷儿平权运动。尤其在 2015 年,与位女性主

IRPGF 在此向中国女性主义同志表达我们的支持。全世界抵抗压迫,录削与支配的人,
IRPGF 永远与他们站在一起。

从罗贾亚到中国,IRPGF 与中国女性主义者站在同一阵线!!!

「没有女性解放 一个社会决不会自由」

「21 世纪将会是女性革命的世纪 」


In March of 2017, the weibo accounts of Chinese feminist comrades were forcefully suspended by the Chinese government. This was not a separate incident since the Chinese government has continuously harassed and suppressed the women’s liberation and queer movement for some time. In 2015, for example, five feminist comrades were arrested and imprisoned.

The IRPGF expresses our support to the Chinese feminist comrades. The IRPGF will always stand in solidarity with the people from all around the world who fight against oppression, exploitation and domination.

From Rojava to China, the IRPGF stands in solidarity with Chinese Feminists!

“A society can never be free without women’s liberation”

“The 21st century will be the century of women’s revolution”

Abdullah Öcalan


Download PDF version of this Solidarity statement 

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