IRPGF: “The Turkish State’s Aggression Will Be Met With The Full Force Of Our Resistance & Self-Defense”


Rojava, 27.04.17: The Turkish State, under the rule of the fascist AKP-MHP regime, attacked the revolutionary forces in Şengal and Qeraçox early in the morning on April 25th. Turkish warplanes and drones continue to enter our airspace, while mortars have fallen on Dirbêsiyê.

However, the fire of the revolution will not be extinguished by oppressors terrified of what an uprising of the oppressed has in store for their kind. The Turkish State’s aggression will be met with the full force of our resistance and self-defense.

Victory to the revolution in Rojava and all of Kurdistan!
Death to fascism, capitalism, and all states!
Berxwedan jiyan e!

(via IRPGF)

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