Brazil: Rafael Braga sentenced to eleven years in prison


The judgment was published on the the Rio de Janeiro’s Court of Justice web site, on Thursday (20/04). The collector of recyclable material was held convicted for trafficking and association for drug trafficking.

In a sentence published on the website of the TJRJ (Rio de Janeiro State Court of Justice) yesterday (20/4), Judge Ricardo Coronha Pinheiro, who judges the current lawsuit against Rafael Braga Vieira, sentenced the former collector a punishment of 11 years and three months of imprisonment and payment of R$ 1,687 (one thousand six hundred and eighty-seven reais). In February, the magistrate denied a defense request that, if approved, could have changed the course of the case. The Human Rights Defenders Institute (DDH), which has defended Rafael Braga since December 2013, has not yet been formally notified of the judge’s decision and says he will appeal.

In 2007, a young man of 18 years who was arrested in Nova Friburgo (RJ) carrying 25g of marijuana declared himself a user, was detained for traffic, but “was released a day later with the help of his father who knew a judge, “according to a report published by the G1 in 2015. In Rafael’s case, the 0.6g of marijuana, 9.3g of cocaine and a firework, which was attributed to him by the police officers who arrested him, was enough so that he would be convicted of drug trafficking and trafficking association, although Rafael claimed from his first testimony at the 22nd Police Station (Penha) that this material did not belong to him and that the police had told him that, If he did not disclose the traffickers in the region where he was approached, they “would throw a gun and drugs on his account.”

Black, poor and born in a favela, Rafael Braga’s life has been a real saga since exactly three years and ten months from now. The only convict arrested in the context of the June 2013 days, accused of carrying explosive material when he was just carrying two plastic bottles sealed with cleaning products, Rafael was in an open regime with an electronic anklet just over a month ago when he was arrested again, on January 12 of this year. The arrest occurred when he walked from his mother’s house to a bakery in Vila Cruzeiro, a favela in Penha neighborhood, north zone of Rio, where his family lives.


Freedom to Rafael Braga Vieira!!

Original Text: Rafael Braga é condenado a onze anos de prisão
Translation: Rede de Informações Anarquistas – R.I.A

“Debaixo para cima, R.I.A você também!”

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