Valparaíso, Chile: Action Communique for the Day of the Young Combatant


University of Valparaíso, March 29, 2017

Today we are again remembering our fallen 32 years since the murder of Paulina, Rafael and Eduardo by the guardians of power. We remember Mauricio and Jonny Cariqueo who were assassinated within contexts of revolts commemorating the Day of the Young Combatant in 2008. We remember all those who have fallen in struggle with combative memory and complicity. Complicity that invites us to destroy the routine of the university status quo by ingniting barricades and spreading the revolt.

We call for a combative memory, for fire to spread with disobedience and to ignite passivity until rebellion proliferates in every corner of the planet, our dead will be a seed, to flourish in revolt. Capital has not made a truce, on the contrary, it advances uncontrollably towards the total devastation of the planet.

The discourses that promote peace and integration have appropriated the social struggle, advancing quickly to institutionality, criminalizing direct action and generating a new mentality among the herd of citizens that is silent and complicit with exploitation, so we do not forget the rebels who have taken sides organizing their neighborhoods and affinities continually igniting the flame of insurrection. Let us not let the institutional networks of power capture all the energy converted into fire. The power of words are undeniable so long as there are actions to back them up, war is permanent and our path is revolt, excluded from this world we will build ours from its ashes.

Because we tire of passivity, for all the fallen and for the prisoners of war,

Paulina Aguirre, Eduardo and Rafael Vergara Toledo, Jonny Cariqueo, Norma Vergara, Javier Recabarren, Jorge Saldivia and Sebastián Oversluij and all the fallen ones PRESENT!

Juan, Nataly, Enrique, Sol and all prisoners of war to the street!

Neither guilty, nor innocent! Down with the police state!

Those who are born and those who are yet to be born, know that you were born to win and not be defeated!

For Pu Weichafe in clandestinity

A tribute to all our fallen!

Young combatant, permanent insurrection!

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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