Valparaíso, Chile: Barricades and attacks against the police on Day of the Young Combatant


On March 30 at 01:30 in the morning we decided to block one of the main highways of Valparaíso.
The objective of this action was to cut off the commercial route, to commemorate the Day of the Young Combatant and to have a confrontation with the police.

We placed barricades blocking the two access roads (entrance and exit) until the police arrived throwing tear gas grenades to which we responded with a dozen Molotov cocktails.

We call for these actions to multiply throughout the territory as we call on individuals and groups to act from illegality and anonymity consciously and organized. We do not idealize the violence that we understand as a means of liberation from capitalist life and its agony. We are not interested in normalizing it in our everyday relationships with our affinities, since we feel that the process of recognizing and deconstructing our capitalist and patriarchal mentality is more important.

We greet all those rebellious hearts that remain agitated. A hug from the love and the hate that unites us. Let us leave our homes, our privileges and comforts and go out and fight to protect the obvious, all life and the earth.

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)


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