Greece: Responsibility claim for arson attacks against the homes of cops Ethimis Efthimiadis and Ilias Hajis

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Lambros Foundas lives through our flames

Responsibility claim for the attacks on the houses of cops Ethimis
Efthimiadis and Ilias Hajis.

On March 10th 2010, anarchist and member of Revolutionary Struggle
Lambros Foundas is executed in Dafni during the expropriation of a
vehicle that was going to be used in an act of revolutionary violence of
the organization.

The arson of the residences of cops Ethimis Efthimiadis on 20 Kiprou
street in Agios Pavlos, and Ilias Hajis on 17 Papanastasiou street in
Sikies, Thessaloniki in the early hours of March 9th, is our minimal
homage to the memory of a comrade who was killed by the shots of the
metropolitan occupation army of democracy, fighting for the Revolution.
Dead fighters are the reason and cause of the continuation of our
revolutionary struggle.

On Thursday January 5th, are arrested the members of Revolutionary
Struggle Pola Roupa and Kostandina Athanasopoulou. During the arrest of
comrade Pola, the hooded cops of the anti-Terrorist force kidnap her
6year old son and with the order of the Prosecutor of Minors Nikolou,
transfer him to the psychiatric wing of ‘Pedon’ hospital, under guard.

The 3 members of R.S., Pola Roupa, Kostantina Athanasopoulou and Nikos
Maziotis, from the first moment of their arrests begin a hunger-thirst
strike, demanding the immediate release of the 6year old child and the
custody be given to the relatives.

The message is clear: Against the stubbornness of revolutionaries,
repression deploys its filthiest and most unethical weapons. However
this despicable attempt by the mechanisms, to extort and take revenge
from those arrested, found opposite it the determination of the 3
members of R.S. as well as the dynamic of the multiform struggle which
through a series of actions of political support and aggressive
solidarity, together raised a temporary mound to the vulgarity of

All the action of the R.S. can be summoned in the application of a
steady revolutionary strategy of destabilizing the regime. The 3
repressive strikes against the organization after the execution of
comrade Lambros Foundas and the targeting of a wider circle of
individuals based on contact and the relationships they had with members
of the organization, the 1 million euro bounty on two members, the
injury during the arrest of comrade Nikos Maziotis in Monastiraki, the
kidnapping of a 6year old child, the recent threats against comrade Pola
(plan to murder her, and the bribery attempt by the member of the
european parliament for Syriza, Kostandina Kouneva) and the refusal to
grant furlough to comrade Kostas Gournas illustrate the fear of
authority towards the strategy of armed struggle.

In the summer of 2002 authority attempted, through the arrests of
members of the 17November organization, to impose the fear of resistance
and futility of armed propaganda. The bang from the explosion of R.S.’s
bomb at the courts of Evelpidon in the early hours of September 5th 2003
was the end of this tranquility, order and security. 14 years later,
authority attempts to impose the same futility. History calls us to
prove once more that they are wrong.

Lets organize our collective self-defence, from which will arise
aggressive formations of revolutionary violence.

Violence to the violence expressed by the repressive mechanisms in the
name of order and security against the fighting parts.

Blood for the blood of the dead revolutionaries from internationalized

Attack with all means on the carriers and representatives of repression.
Attack through the struggles and demonstrations, attack on the centres
of decision-making and police stations, attack their homes.

Solidarity to the imprisoned fighters and rebels around the earth, from
Standing Rock in Dakota to the flaming french suburbs.

As for Tsoutsouvis, Kassimis, Foundas, Morales, and every dead
revolutionary, the struggle continues.

Anarchist Action organization.

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Act For Freedom Now)

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