Greece: Anarchist Collective Rouvikonas statement on the attack at the Turkish Consulate

Internationalism means community. It means to perceive common enemies, common friends, common comrades. An internationalist community is what we’ve always been a part of and will always be a part of, along with the Turkish and Kurdish militants who fight against the same enemies, our common enemies.

On the 20th of January the communist organization DHKP-C carried out an armed attack against the headquarter of Erdogan’s party and the police directorate. Two days after the attacks, the comrade Bilgehan Karpat was shot dead by Turkish cops, while the comrade Serif Turunc (known as Erkan in Greece) was injured and fell into the hands of the Turkish state and thereon his tracks have been lost.

Both comrades were active in Greece. Erkan in particular has had a strong presence, both in actions of solidarity with the Turkish and Kurdish movement as well as struggles of the movement in Greece. Both comrades, dedicated, humble and militant, chose to return to the lion’s den and challenge it face to face. During a period where the Turkish state, under Erdogan’s leadership, has launched a merciless civil war against every voice of resistance, the forces of the Turkish and Kurdish movements, regardless of the revolutionary current they belong to, are the only ones that can prevent the spread of fascism and totalitarianism.

Communists and anarchists, Turkish and Kurdish, are fighting in a geographical scope that is wider than Turkey, they are fighting in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran. We live in a time where the global geopolitical map of imperialisms is being re-arranged; where millions of people live amidst battlefields in the middle east; where the sirens of war are heard all the way to the Aegean sea and liberationist ruptures regardless of national borders are created.

It’s an honour to have met and fought alongside these comrades in Greece. As ”little” as it is, compared to the difficulty of their own struggle, we, as anarchist collective Rouvikonas, proceeded to a symbolic attack against the Turkish consulate in Komotini, to send a message to the Turkish state, that there is an internationalist community against it. Just like our two comrades had previously reminded the Greek state of the same thing.

We do not know exactly how serious the recent Greek-Turkish cockfight in the Aegean sea was. What we do know is that the scope of instability is extending beyond the middle east. We know that we, the exploited, in Greece are on our knees while in Turkey they are bleeding and the prisons become full. And history has taught us that in conditions like these, war erupts just to safeguard the powers. As a first duty, militants on both sides of the Aegean sea must shape the internationalist community in order to unite the oppressed and the exploited towards a common struggle against their states. A strong hand which will cut the appetite of capitalists and political elites looking to war as a way out from their crises. There is no other way.

Honour and solidarity to the Turkish and Kurdish movements

Solidarity is the weapon of the people

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Black Cat)

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