Thailand: Anarchists visit the Philippines Consulate in protest against the murderous Duterte regime

Received on 30.01.17:

Anarchists in Northern Thailand visit the home of the Philippines Honorary Consulate to communicate our rage at the murderous fascist Duterte

In solidarity with recent actions undertaken by anarchists across South East Asia and Oceania, on Saturday 28 January 2017, anarchists visited the Chiang Mai residence of the Philippines Honorary Consulate to add our voices to the regional response challenging the murderous and fascistic policies of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Since Duterte’s2016 election to power, based on a popularist, nationalist, pro-cop ‘law and order’ campaign, over 9000 illicit drug users –the majority of whom are economically and socially marginalised, and include underclass sex workers, trans people and men who have sex with men- have been indiscriminately slaughtered in bloody extrajudicial rampages by killer cops and vigilante Catholic citizen groups drunk on the vilest forms of morality and urged on Duterte’s guarantee of impunity.

International bodies, including the ‘UN and ASEAN families’, have responded with their usual incompetence- evidence that they care more about maintaining the regional economic status quo and trade deals than any ideals pertaining to human rights. Meanwhile Duterte’s junky genocide continues unabated. According to Filipino friends, local vigilantes have created ‘black lists’ naming drug users and other ‘undesirables’ to target. Many drug users are terrified for their safety and are attempting to escape the slaughter by voluntarily reporting themselves to State authorities in an attempt to preempt visits from the death squads. Subsequently, thousands of people been detained in overcrowded disease infested disused Filipino military camps deemed “rehabilitation centers”. There are no release dates for people detained in these barbaric “rehabilitation” centers which function as ad-hoc prisons, complete with screws who subject drug users to torturous “character building” practices” to “atone for their sins” and activities designed to instill (by force) nationalist pride as a “rehabilitation” strategy.

Hence, we repeat the call of Filipino drug users to undertake autonomous actions to challenge the murderous policies of the fascist Duterte. We understand that consulates, high commissions and embassies are required to report political actions against them to the nation States they represent; thus we recognise actions undertaken against such institutions as an effective method of directly communicating our messages to the States whose policies we are challenging. Subsequently, we encourage our comrades across the region to continue to maintain the campaign against Duterte using whatever strategies are locally available.


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