So-called ‘Australia’: #7DaysOfResistance / Decolonization in the lead up to #InvasionDay2017

7 days of Resistance/Decolonization In the lead up to Invasion Day 2017: Banner drops, Making stencils, interrupting aus day celebrations, paint images words/wording on walls and roads, steal and burn aus rags, making clap sticks, boomerangs, weaving, painting up, make spears, dancing on country, smoking/cleansing house and people, organize talks with elders young people, sharing deadly art work from our mob. using the hashtag #7DaysOfResistance we will start on the 20th of Jan

We encourage non-Aboriginal people to get involved.

#7DaysOfResistance #KeepTheFireBurning #InvasionDay2017

(via Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance)

*Also check out Decolonise Australia Blog for some ideas from last year!

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