Mexico: Incendiary attack against a gas station in Tultitlán by ‘Punky Maury’ Informal Action Cell FAI-IRF


Yesterday we attacked the gas station located on Canal Prados avenue in Tultitlán, State of Mexico with incendiary bombs and molotov cocktails causing a fire in the gasoline pumps which we could not stop to appreciate or calculate the damages.

Our motives? Revenge for our comrades detained by state forces for protesting against the so-called ‘mega gasoline’, which starves our people for the benefit of the rich and powerful. But this was not our only reason, we also want to denounce and attack the progress, development and totality of the civilizing project that tramples underfoot and destroys Mother Earth.

To destroy the walls of all the prisons!
To let burn what has to burn!
To defend Mother Earth by all means necessary!

Sincerely: ‘Punky Maury’ Informal Action Cell FAI-IRF

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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