Mexico City, Mexico: Explosive attack against the Institute of Women by Informal Feminist Commando of Anti-authoritarian Action


After midnight…

On December 20, 2016 at approximately two o’clock in the morning we placed an explosive device in the facilities of the Institute of Women in Mexico City located on 148 José María Izazaga, Colonia Centro which detonated successfully causing severe damage to the entrance of the building. We did it simply because we wanted to.

1. The paths of life are not what I believed…

A network of multifactorial domination dissects women’s bodies every day. So we wonder: how is it possible that with this social scalpel above us, that some women – the majority – decide to meekly accept it and sometimes it even seems that they want it?

We have heard speeches from feminine mouths everywhere boasting about ‘progress’ in the search for ‘gender equality’…but at the same time we see the churches full of kneeling women offering meekly.

We see news of large demonstrations against violence towards women…but we see courts full of women willing to leave their will and their destiny in the hands of contemptible beings that they accept as superiors, and what could be more violent than the subjection and the self-subjection of the human will?

We grieve so much the feminicidal cruelty that looms over us and our sisters, daughters, aunts, friends, couples, mothers…but at the same time we see the congresses and the ‘feminist movements’ striving to make more laws, create more penal codes, produce more agreements with the state when it is precisely the existence of laws and the dominating system of hierarchical state representation that is the cause of this violent scenario!

If this attitude of submission is what these ‘feminists’ call ’emancipation’ now…it will be necessary to become emancipated from the emancipated emancipation. Ha!

Of course there are good compañeras who genuinely think that through the creation of laws and institutions for women it is possible to achieve change to our condition of patriarchal subjection, but we believe that these laws are made instead to perpetuate this state of affairs because they rob women of the power to decide their fate for themselves, convincing them to hand over their lives so that others can rule them.

Sisters: Do not submit to these despicable beings who use our bodies and tell us how to feel, how to think and what to do!

How can a law change the reality of dominance if laws are words while social relations are the domination? The way we see it is that we boast of living in an era that has left magic behind but we live fluttering in a world of fantasy.

‘Religion’, ‘the state’, ‘science’, ‘commodity’, ‘reason’, ‘humanity’, ‘the just cause’: all fictions that submit to human will. Fetishes that turn against their creators. Fruits of fear, superstition and violence. But if we took away the fetish we could see that what we have are our bodies, our sensuality and our lives shattered and primed for the reproduction of a system that can only result in condemning us to hunger, misery, death and devastation.

II. And now the results…

There is an idea in the air that is so false and perverse that it reminds us of the hypocritical debates of the last century concerning the political participation of women. It is the idea that the presence of women in the hierarchical pyramid of political power is enough to purify it of all patriarchal dominance. And it is also the notion that if the seats or presidential chairs or the courtrooms are occupied by women then that is enough to combat inequality, reduce corruption or impart justice. Let there be a woman candidate! Let there be woman judges! Let there be congresswomen! The euphoric cries of the hypocrites, the unprepared and the accomplices.

Of course nobody could accept the stupidity of thinking that women are less intellectually capable than others to perform all these infamous jobs, but that is precisely the point.

The presence of women in political power cannot by itself make the slightest change in the composition of the system of social inequality for the simple reason that the very society in which we have been forced to live is based precisely on these inequalities. Therefore society itself is corrupt and unjust, and without these characteristics society would cease to exist. How could a society based on inequality survive without being based on stealing the life of others?

Our arguments are validated by taking just a brief look at the past. Since the middle of the last century women in Mexico have had the ‘right to vote’ and the courts as well as important positions in the distribution of political power have been occupied by women. And has this resulted in some kind of improvement to our painful position of submission, violence, hunger and misery? Instead it seems as though these women act like they drunk a poisonous concoction as soon as they arrive at these ignominious places and become indifferent to our terrible situation and look at us with disdain from their places of privilege.

What compromise with our situation can we expect from women who spend in one day what we earn in a year from our miserable salaries? How can we continue to think that through voting, elections (whether it is to elect or be elected), state institutions or religion that we will find a solution to the evils that afflict us?

And stil they tell us that we must ‘fight to have wages equal with men’. Nobody says that we are not as laborious as our male comrades or that we should fight to dissolve the unequal sexual division of labor. But should we not focus our efforts together with our comrades on abolishing work instead of perpetuating it? It is via work that the robbery of our lives operates! Why struggle to maintain our labor exploitation?

III. The first by courage, the second on a whim, the third for pleasure

And once more. As long as the principle of hierarchical authority exists in our ideology there will be inequality. And political power is the organizer of the principle of authority. Then there is no arrival or departure possible. But…out here we have heard that they are considering using Indigenous women as cannon fodder for the beasts of power. And here again is the contempt for women, treating us as if we are an appendix of something or someone, once again they will use and our bodies as their rags to scrub the floor.

IV. We do not say good-bye, here we will continue

We hope that the ‘nice and beautiful’ feminists do not label us as anti-feminists and want to throw us on the bonfire although of course they probably will. After everything there still exists the belief that to be a feminist means to paint a nice banner with words that say ‘Say not to violence and submit yourself to institutions’. As if the institutions were not the main organizers of the violence. We will never be docile. We are for direct action and insurrection. Go and kneel before your oppressors if you wish. Follow accomplices by licking your own shackles. But be assured that as far as we are concerned our direct attack against your bourgeois feminist institutions will continue…

We also hope that they do not label us as racist. It is worth noting that some of us are Indigenous as well. But none of us would ever think of serving as a carpet for any organization and besides…we spit on every organization and every pretense at mastery of our bodies. We are not objects of anybody. We will not submit our bodies or our will to fulfill the desires of anybody.

Death to the state, long live anarchy!

No God, no state, no husband, no master!

Strength to all the kidnapped comrades in the prisons!

Strength to Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar!

Strength to the comrades in Korydallos!

Salvador Olmos, in memoriam.

Dissemination Cell of the Informal Feminist Commando of Anti-authoritarian Action
Ana, ‘The Black Butterfly’

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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