Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Anarchy has memory (Greece)


[Text that was written for an event in memory of the comrade Sebastián “Angry” Oversluij that was held at an anarchist space in Chile]

One is never really lost unless oblivion wraps one in its arms.

It has been three years since the comrade Sebastián Oversluij no longer walks the path of searching for the wild beauty of anarchist action. It has been three years since some of our brothers and sisters in Chile felt his absence by extending their hearts. It has been three years since the bullets from a security guard took his life, extinguishing the flame of the anarchist spirit that used to burn inside him.

But we, like many others, refuse to let our comrade disappear into the mist of oblivion. We honor our brother as equally as we honor his decision to take action attacking a bank, a temple of money; emptying the wallet of the enemy, expropriating a minimal amount compared with what the enemy expropriates from our own lives. The robbery of a bank carried out by an anarchist always carries within it the seed of refusal. The refusal to submit to a world where you are restricted to selling your soul to the cruel laws of the free market; to live to work, to work to consume and to consume to fill the existential emptiness with lots of useless objects.

We know that we are very far away and that our words have to cross an entire ocean to reach you. But we hope that you’ll be able to feel the affinity that we all feel with those who discover ways of keeping our comrades close to us in our activities, our discussions and in our imaginations but above all in the continuous spreading of the constant anarchist revolt itself.

The members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – FAI/FRI

Michalis Nikolopoulos
Giorgos Nikolopoulos
Harris Hatzimichelakis
Theofilos Mavropoulos
Panagiotis Argyrou
Damiano Bolano


(Translated from Greek by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras and Insurrection News)

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