Mexico: Incendiary attack against ATMs in Tijuana by Black Wolves & Mario Buda Incendiary Cells FAI-FRI


From Contra-Info
Translated by It’s Going Down

The dawn of December 7 we placed and set off an incendiary device in one of many automatic teller machines in the rotten city of Tijuana.

The device was composed of 250 grams of black powder and 250 of luxury, the package was attached to a gallon jug with 8 liters of benzene and a homemade wick for its activation.

Violence is attacked with violence, we leave to the side the oppressor who from childhood instructed us, killing our freedom.

The anarchist struggle and ideas once implanted are like a seed that grows, which never returns to its original state, therefore, they will not stop us compañerxs, here and now our heart is black and that will never change, we will continue taking action in the night, at dawn, any day, this is not the beginning, much less is it the end.

Our most powerful weapon is the ideas that are accompanied by actions that reaffirm every word spoken, every thought.

Our position regarding articles published by the “independent” and “alternative” magazine Contralínea, makes it clearer than ever to us that they are loyal participants in the state’s game in identifying the anarchists of action and any meaningful project. But what it also shows us is that some anarcho-moralists and anarcho-actors like to be in the center of the spotlight of the state and its media, granting interviews, but, we don’t care about these “professional” and “in solidarity” anarchist types. We know that they are reds disguised as black. Others wear their robes together with Christian morality on their heads. For that reason we reiterate that they are neither compañerxs nor accomplices, they are actors selling social democracy.

Solidarity in action with the meaningful anarchic compañerxs of $hile: Natalia Collado, Javier Pino, Freddy, Marcelo and Juan.

Solidarity with Fernando Bárcenas for staying true to his ideals and not seeking support through laws.

Solidarity with the kidnapped compañerxs of the Scripta Manent operation.

Fire and powder to the prisons with the jailers inside

Rocks, bombs, knives and writings against authority

Death to platforms

Nights of subversion and fire with our accomplices; strength to the fugitive compañerxs

Black Wolves Incendiary Cell – FAI/FRI
Mario Buda Incendiary Cell – FAI/FRI

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