Germany: Two comrades from Spain arrested in Hambach Forest and imprisoned in Cologne


Yesterday, November 30, 8 people were arrested in Hambach Forest. Among them, 2 comrades from Spain. Everybody was released last night except for the 2 comrades who were transferred to Cologne today for pre-trial detention. The names that they were known as in the forest were Siao and Hodey although in Spain we knew them by other names.

The last few days in Hambach Forest have seen an escalation of tension. On November 17 a road block action took place with a burning barricade and rocks thrown in clashes with the security company and the ‘installation’ of a fake explosive device that delayed the dismantling of the barricade and the tree felling for several hours. Since then, for several days security, police and worker’s car have been stoned at the beginning and the end of the working day. Two days ago several people threw rocks at dozens of cops and forest workers in the Deathtrap area, then left to build a barricade on the road. When this happened two cops left their van to disperse people and one entered the forest chasing the comrades, stumbled and fell and received several blows before running away frightened for reinforcements. After this there was a long period of tension with a large number of cops being called in at the end of the day. The last car convoy that left the mine that day was also attacked with rocks by some of the people there. And finally yesterday there was another attack against a security car on the road that caused the driver to lose control of their vehicle and have an accident. Shortly after dozens of cop vans arrived and surrounded the camp and the forest to stop the people who were inside from leaving. Then began a hunt in which 5 people were arrested. One more person was arrested inside one of the houses inside the forest and 2 more inside the tree house, Deathtrap. These are the last 2 who are currently in custody.

Siao and Hodey are accused of attacking the police and using explosives which is why they are being held hostage in the Cologne prison. We will transmit all the new information we have and the addresses to write to them as soon as we receive them.

Solidarity and struggle!

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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