Berlin, Germany: Excavator torched – against the G20 Summit


During the night from Thursday to Friday, we torched the drill-excavator on the Cuvry-Brache construction site with four liters of gasoline.

In less than a year, many clowns will gather, new and old ones, in Hamburg to organize the G20 Summit. This will produce pictures from smiling heads of state, they will praise each other for acting at last against war, refugees or climate change – simultaneously some managers of the movement will shake the fences and simulate resistance – but in the end, it is all part of the same spectacle.

No counter-summit with its own pictures can be an answer to this game, no marathon of themes with party-like responses, no empty content …

One possibility – not an answer – is the escalation and development of our conflicts in the districts and neighborhoods. Everywhere in Europe are existing places of resistance where matters of a global level are reflected in our daily struggles, where people resist and create new zones of solidarity.

So if we create a fire now in against an unnecessary new building in a conflict-filled place like the Cuvry-Brache, then it is to strengthen these conflicts and to place them within a global context. Gentrification, capital-investment in the form of new buildings, danger-zones and supposed public participation are present everywhere – no matter if its the eviction of Can Vies in Barcelona, in Exarcheia or in the Rigaer Street with the new buildings of the CG-Group.

In Hamburg and on the way (to the G20), we want to discuss these issues and conflicts at a global level in exchange and discussion.  As gentrification does not stop at a border of countries, our resistance must not end in one spot. Rather it should flow in many places and conflicts. So we can find a common rhythm and create a staccato of attacks …

Connect conflicts, carry neighborhood struggles to the G20 Summit in Hamburg – today local, tomorrow global!

On 7th and 8th July in Hamburg and beyond …

Autonomous Groups

PS: to make it clear: if construction continues – we will return! And maybe the investor in Munich will be attacked directly…

(via Linksunten Indymedia)

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