Germany: Attack against the Turkish Cultural Association in Bad Oeynhausen by Apoist Youth Initiative NRW


For months, the Turkish state has continued it’s extermination of all free people, especially Kurds and Alevites, women and youth, democrats, revolutionaries and socialists. With the support of the West, especially Germany, Recep Tayip Erdogan is gradually building up his fascist dictatorship. The arrest, dismissal and torture of Kurdish politicians, journalists, teachers and students shows us all that peaceful politics in Turkey and Europe no longer exists.

During the night of the 3rd to the 4th of November, we, the Apoist Youth Initiative NRW (Revenge Team Sehîd Cekdar Botan) attacked the ‘Turkish Cultural Association’ in Bad Oeynhausen. This attack is revenge for the fallen guerrilla fighters of Dersim, who died on October 22nd, 2016 in an air attack.

The ‘Turkish Cultural Association’ in Bad Oeynhausen is an organization that supports the construction of fascism in Turkey. They carry out ideological work in Germany.

As the Apoist Youth Initiative NRW, we will continue our actions until the last fascist club is closed, Erdogan is overthrown and the people of the Middle East are freed. To this end we call on all revolutionaries, internationalists and socialists to carry out militant actions against persons and institutions of the Turkish state as well as their German supporters.

We also salute the Kurdish youth in France who carried out impressive attacks against representatives of the Turkish state in Paris.

Revolutionary greetings,

Apoist Youth Initiative NRW
Revenge Team Sehîd Cekdar Botan

November 6th, 2016.

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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