Germany: Apoist Youth Initiative call for resistance to intensify in Europe


Internationalists, democrats, socialists, revolutionary Kurdish youth!

It is time to intensify resistance in Europe. The arrests of the HDP politicians last night are only the continuation of a broad-based extermination campaign of the fascist AKP regime against the Kurdish people and its representatives. For a year, the Turkish state and its allies have been trying to break the resistance of the Kurdish people and to break the self-government efforts. The massacres of Cizre, Sur, Gever, Nusaybin and many others, the coup, the complete extermination by Erdogan, for over a year, since 5 April 2015, the continued isolation against our chairman Abdullah Ocalan, the massive bombardment of the free mountains, the military aggression against Rojava and the attempt to wage war against the liberation movement in Iraq, with thousands of arrests, rape and torture in the dungeons of the regime, the elimination of any legal political opposition and the continued support and collaboration of the German state, force us to act decisively today. It is German weapons with which the Kurdish people are being slaughtered, it is German funds and investments that finance the massacre.

Today is not the time for peaceful demonstrations and vigils, today it is time for lived resistance and militant action! That is why we call for resolute and militant actions once again, from all who call themselves socialists, democrats, revolutionaries, and especially the patriotic Kurdish youth. In view of the situation, we emphasize once again that all means must be used, and every institution of the Turkish state and its German collaborators, especially the arms industry, are our targets.

If not now then when!
We have the historical responsibility to act!
Bijî Serok Apo!
Bijî Gerilla!
Revenge for all revolutionary martyrs and political prisoners!
Victory to the Revolutionary People’s War!

Apoist Youth Initiative, 04.11.2016

Revenge Commando Sehid Lecwan Munzur
Revenge Commando Sehid Cekdar Botan
Revenge Commando Sehid Aliser Firat
Revenge Commando Siyar Rojnek
Revenge Commando Zinar Raperin

(via Linksunten Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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