Greece: Intervention at Elliniko immigrant detention center


On Sunday the 16th of October people in solidarity made an intervention during the visiting hours of the Elliniko immigrant detention center.

During our intervention, we were told that none of us, including lawyers, were allowed to visit with any of the detainees, until the manager came over. After about 1.5 hours and the arrival of numerous police officers who outnumbered protesters, the manager along with a another high ranking official appeared. They responded to the complaints made by the people in solidarity and the lawyers regarding this blatantly illegal prohibition, by saying this was ordered by the Immigration Director (in Petrou Ralli) and if we have a problem with that we should refer to the D.A.

Eventually, the lawyers and the translator were allowed to go in. They came across the well-known squalor, the culminating point of which was a detainee who needs urgent medical attention and a baby that’s on the 5th week of his/her detention.

A baby who’s spent five weeks behind bars…



(source, translated by BlackCat)


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