Uruguay: Nikos Maziotis Cell Refractaria attack the home of a neo-Nazi in Montevideo

On October 3rd 2016, in the region occupied by the Uruguayan State.

Offensive against Nazism.

Nikos Maziotis Cell Refractaria claims the attack against the home of Oscar Piquinela, secretary of the Inter-Parliamentary Uruguayan Group, an official at the Legislative Palace who was displaying a black flag with a neo-Nazi Celtic cross on his balcony.

Call for sabotage and open war against all authority.

That an individual such as Mr Piquinela, a state agency official, does not have a problem with expressing ideas as rancid as Nazism, is sufficient evidence that ideas supposedly antagonistic like democracy and Nazism can coexist. Let’s not forget that in Germany the Nazi party came to power through the electoral appeal of the Republican democracy. Both share authoritarian and marginalizing behaviors. Democracy with it’s innocent mask of tolerance and classic discourse of ‘social peace’ also has a past and present endorsement that is stained in blood, just ask the parents who have lost children at the hands of the democratic police, or just ask the social and anti-social fighters who have been persecuted, beaten and imprisoned (just to mention some of the many crimes that have been committed).

For these reasons it is time for all those who benefit from and wallow in repression and exploitation to feel afraid. To ATTACK and only to ATTACK is our slogan. Let’s confront authority from every possible angle, and make them feel the social and anti-social pressure. Turn words into action. Make solidarity tear down the walls of all prisons and institutions. To the compas on the streets, the conflict awaits us!!!!

Additional data on Mr Oscar Piquinela:

Address: Dr. Juan Campisteguy 3070, between Antonio Machado and Bvar. Artigas. A half block from Nuevo Shopping.

Degree in international relations.

Official secretary of GRULAC to the Interparliamentary Union. Tel: 29248686/29248119/29248774. Cellphone: 099685810. E-mail: ipuuuru@parlamento.gub.uy


Death to Nazism, fascism, communism and democracy. Always anarchists. Always anti-authoritarian!!!!

Nikos Maziotis Cell Refractaria

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)


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