Patras, Greece: Employees collapse at a store that bans immigrants and Romani people


The employees have been dealing with daily threats of losing their jobs since a new management took over, while immigrants and Romani people are banned from the premises.

The medieval conditions of employment and the immense pressure that has caused employees to collapse one after the other at a well-known store in Patras, remain unresolved. The asphyxiating pressure towards the staff, who are being threatened daily with job cuts, poses a huge risk to the employees’ health and stress levels. Labour inspectors have been informed of the situation by syndicalists who have requested an urgent meeting in order to resolve the issue and safeguard the mental health of employees.

Also, the managements’ racist store policies are evident in the prohibition of immigrants and Roma people from the premises. The security staff actively enforce this rule and do not allow Romani and immigrant children to enter the store or the parking lot. There are also previous reports on the assault of a Romani child because he did not follow their orders when asked to leave.

Konstantina Paleologou

(source, translated by BlackCat)

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