Germany: Our shards against their repression


Received on 01.09.16:

Our shards against their repression

This is the beginning of our week. And every day should start like this for those profiteers responsible for the prison system…

This morning, August 15th, we visited Television Service Jürgen Krüger and the SPD office of Björn Eggert in Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg and smashed their windows.

Television Service Krüger since thirty years holds the monopoly on examination of electronic sets from prisoners in Berlin. No radio passes him without being checked. This shall prevent forbidden goods or manipulated sets passing behind the walls. For prisoners this service costs a lot of money.

The company directly profits from the surveillance of prisoners. Besides this, it happened more than one time, that Krüger damaged radios or TV from prisoners.

Further Jürgen Krüger does the technical utilization from seized mobile phones and gives the hacked data to authorities. This company was hit several times, which could not prevent them continuing to take advantage of repression against prisoners…

Directly next to Krüger you find the office of Björn Eggert (SPD), which hides in the branch of AWO. In Berlin AWO runs some refugee camps, for example the currently closed camp in Spandau. The AWO is big in the deportation business. Their so called „helpticket to return home“ is only another word for deportation.

The SPD is actually in the election campaign. All parties always try to surpass each other with their antisocial politics and identity discourse. We need not claim that we do not hope anything from any party.

Of course we follow the struggle of our friends in Greece, we support their actions against Syriza after the attacks against squats in Thessaloniki. But in retrospective view at the No Border Camp the question should be allowed: would it not have been better to use this possibility for a riot in the city center? Our action against the SPD politician Björn Eggert is part of this struggle.

Through this minimal action of ours, which in carrying out forced us to delete a surveillance camera, we send a signal of solidarity to the prisoners Aaron and Balu in the Moabit jail, who stand in custody for the resistance against investors and the police attack against Rigaer 94, to the prisoners Marios Seisidis and Kostas Sakkas, who unfortunately fell into the enemies hands in Greece a short time ago, to comrade Lisa who was deported recently from the torture state of Spain to the court in Aachen and to the eight people in Basel who stay there in jail for their alleged participation in the wonderful smash mob on June 24.

By continuing the struggle in Rigaer Straße always more determined, we practice solidarity with our prisoners in jails of the system.

The confrontation around Rigaer 94 and the northern area of Friedrichshain has shown that the consistent refusal of all negotiation offers and the militant fight against the capitalist city gives us the biggest success.

We should keep this in mind when we prepare for the announced evacuation of M99 and the (refugee) school in Ohlauer Street in Kreuzberg.

We must destroy this state. What is necessary must be done.

Thats why we propose, after the response on international calls like Black December or Black July has proven the affinity references of anarchist tendency in Europe, to make the G20 summit in July 2017 in Hamburg a disaster and start that for a militant campaign.


(Translated from Linksunten Indymedia)

Aaron and Balu were arrested in Berlin Friedrichshain during a demonstration on July 9th against gentrification and police attacks on Rigaer 94. (Video) . They stay in custody in JVA Moabit, accused of throwing stones against police. Police says 127 of their officers were injured during riots on this day. More info

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