Rojava: Medical Support for Kobane Campaign


Since 2013, the Kurdish region Northern Syria (Rojava) is fighting against terrorist groups, in particular against ISIS. After the Liberation of Kobanê last year, the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) and Kurdish forces (YPG/YPJ) were able to besiege Manbij, which is regarded as stronghold of ISIS and where also activities regarding transnational terrorism are planned. Fierce fighting has just ended a few days ago with the city’s liberation after many days of combat over specific quarters and house-to-house fighting. Over 50.000 people could be protected from ISIS by the SDF.

ISIS does not spare civilians; it even uses them strategically as hostages. Areas left behind by the terrorists are mined systematically and the region’s humanitarian situation is intensified.

Right now it is hard to guarantee medical care; as some hospitals face currently a shortage of medical supplies, they are on the brink of shutting down.

Idris Sheikho, a doctor at the Amal-Hospital in Kobanê, told ARA News: “We now have 400 to 500 injured people from Manbij, including heavily injured, but unfortunately we cannot provide them with the necessary treatments (…). In one month we might have to close the hospital”. The situation is worsening not at least because of the embargos by the autonomous region Kurdistan (Southern Kurdistan/Iraq) and Turkey.

In cooperation with people in Northern Syria, we (“AK Solarenergie für Rojava”) made it our goal to equip a medical institution in Kobanê with solar cells. Given the current development, friends in Kobanê asked us to help supply them with urgently needed drugs; these primarily involve basic pharmaceuticals like Hemostatics and Antihistamines. As the situation is very acute, we have decided to shift our focus to the supply of drugs. To support the people in Northern Syria with medical care we need approximately €20,000 within the coming weeks. That is why we would be very glad if you could help us with a donation – you can participate with just one click!

ANY amount is deeply appreciated.

2.9% will be dedicated to

Everything else is going directly to the provision of medical goods.

We are very thankful for your support and will keep you posted!

In case you have any questions, suggestions, etc. please don’t hesitate to contact us via email ( or visit our Facebook page (“AK Solarenergie für Rojava”). More information on this highly important topic you can find on

Best wishes,

AK Solarenergie für Rojava




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