Warsaw, Poland: News from Reclaim the Fields & the ROD GARDENS (in connection with new anti-terrorism law)



Thank you to all who wrote in the last months in support of the gardens, sorry we were not able to respond quicker with an update! The work is continuing in the gardens at ROD, as we also spend time supporting imprisoned friends and co-gardeners. We are very concerned for their wellbeing. On May 23rd 2016 three anarchists from Warsaw were arrested and accused of terrorist activitiies. They face 6 months to 8 years of jail. The prosecution held them in custody for 3 months which may be automatically prolonged. All three are detained in isolation and denied the right to communicate with relatives. During the first week of detention none of them had access to a lawyer and there were signs of physical abuse on their bodies. more info on the arrest and details of support in various languages:



These arrests happened just as the government was taking steps too impliment a NEW ANTI TERRORIST ACT. Significantly on 10th, 23rd and 30th May in various Polish cities a series of false bomb alarms took place, leading to evacuation of sites such as editorial offices of media and television, shopping centers, and banks. The law was signed into force on the 22nd June 2016. The Polish government claimed that the new Anti-terrorism Law was necessary in order to increase coordination of the intelligence agencies and prepare for potential security threats related to the the upcoming NATO summit (July 2016) and World Youth Day (June 2016). more info on the Anti Terrorism Act:

https://resiste.squat.net/?p=3384 https://en.panoptykon.org/articles/poland-adopted-controversial-anti-terrorism-law

Repression against the anarchist movement in Poland is rising. Also on May 23rd the police visited ROD four times. Since then, the collective is harassed by uniformed police (weekly visits). In Krakow, police searched the apartment and questioned a person who set up a social media site ridiculing inflated police accusations. In Warsaw information is circulating about police bothering people associated with the movement, and increased surveillance of anarchist spaces. At ROD we are continuing as best we can with the project. We are working in the gardens, although on a smaller scale than imagined at the start of the season. We have not had the energy to do all the projects we had thought about – especialy in relation to the local area and neighbourhood. We are happy for anyone who is passing by and has some time to help us with the gardens and building work. We still talk about the idea of organising a free food market in the local area! We have completed building a windturbine which provides now some energy and we are planning on installing some solar panels as well. We have also started to save a good ammount of seed to share and for next year. Other news from Poland includes… ABORTION BAN: a call from Polish Catholic bishops May 2016 for a full ban on abortion. The right wing, national-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party, which came to power in October 2015, plans to tighten regulations to bring them into line with the Catholic Church’s teachings. There have been Pro Choice demonstrations in reaction to this. PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski told reporters that as a Catholic, he had to follow the bishops’ call. PiS also plans to reinstate a prescription requirement for ‘morning after’ emergency contraceptive pills. The party has a majority in parliament, and Kaczynski’s influence means that the party’s lawmakers tend to follow his cue. Prime Minister Beata Szydlo also expressed support for a ban. POLISH SMALL FARMERS: farmers along with NGOs such as ICPPC


are protesting the sale of land in Poland to international buyers. They are also running anti GMO campaigns and a campaign called ‘Direct From the Farmer’. They have released a Charter for Real Food surrported by Via Campesina. Up until now the sale of on-farm processed foods was illegal unless farmers established their operations as a separate business and in a separate hygienically sanitised building; this is unaffordable to most small farmers whose farms are between 3 and 10 hectares. Actions so far have included tractor blockades mostly in north west of the country,petitions and illegal farmers markets. Some farmers were arrested during these actions but have since been released:


These campaigns have had some success. Unfortunatly the ICPPC are very happy to work with the Law and Justice (PiS) party and leader Kaczynski…which are openly homophobic.


ROD, Radical Allotment Gardens, Warsaw: Wind Turbine in trouble!

On the morning of 4th Aug 2016, representatives of building development company Dom Development came to ROD gardens. They cut the lock on the door and entered without informing the gardeners of their arrival. Gardeners asked them why they were there. They said PINB (Powiatowy Inspektor Nadzoru Budowlanego – District Construction Supervision Inspector) had sent them written notice that they need to destroy an unauthorised building. They identified this building as the wind turbine and tower. The said it would be demolished in 1 week!

The wind turbine is an important part of the ROD gardens. ROD gardens
are working to grow good food in Warsaw city centre. The wind turbine
provides clean energy to the project. It was carefully and safely built using high quality recycled materials. The wind turbine itself is made from a recycled washing machine. This construction was the subject of the Szkoła Ogrodników Miejskich (Urban Garden School) 2016. People came to learn how the wind turbine works and had been built. The workshop shared knowledge of renewable energy and basic building skills.

Now Dom Development claim that they must destroy the construction.

If you have experience with PINB and planing permission in Warsaw please
contact us.

Keep your ears open for more updates.

Save the Wind Turbine!

(via Resiste!)



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