Athens, Greece: Intervention at El-Al airline terminal by Anarchist Group Rouvikonas

Sunday 26th of June, noon. International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos in Athens. A Colombian man intending to travel to Spain with his family is walking toward the boarding area. This is a very normal and routine procedure for thousands of passengers who walk across the airport and board planes and so it was for this man. At the same time other passengers are preparing to board an Israeli airline flight and for this reason there are company employees providing assistance at the boarding area. However, two of those employees also play another part, that of security. So, they consider this man to be a ”suspect” and decide to conduct a stop and frisk. And because his moves seem strange to them they tackle and assault him. Of course, airport police intervened to sort out the incident and it was then revealed that the two security guards have diplomatic Israeli passports in their possession, a clear sign they were not just employees but trained bullies of the security services of the Israeli state.

The Israeli airline El-Al is not a usual airline but constitutes one of the weapons that proliferate the power of the Isreali state. During all the war conflicts of the country El-Al has taken on the crucial role of carrying materials and supplies needed by the Israeli armed forces from abroad and this is no secret since it has been published widely in the press. Apart from the mandatory training the airline’s personnel is required to take on another more specialized training regarding this particular role. Beyond this, the agents take on the task to be among passengers during boarding, flying and leaving the aircraft in order to prevent unpleasant situations. They are ordered to act as they please when they assess that they must make an intervention. This is what happened on Sunday at the airport. They displayed the mentality pervading security services and armed forces. A mentality that is evident in occupied Palestine, in the Gaza strip, where armed Israelis attack the insurrected Palestinian people without making any exceptions and use any means available against them, where they injure and kill anyone they consider ”dangerous” for their country without ever being accountable for their actions.

This incident, which is another example of state violence by Israel, did not come as a surprise to us nor do we feel horrified by the violation of the sovereignty of the Greek state, which is responsible for the are the Athens airport is located. We are outraged by the mentality of the uniformed and non-uniformed bullies of Israel. And not to mention the Greek state and especially the Syriza-Independent Greeks government coalition which collaborates with the Israeli state in the military sector just fine. As an example the common military drills with the participation of ships and aircrafts, as well as hosting all these in Greek territory provides Israel an additional massive training ground. Training which will be used with the usual characteristic brutality against the people of Palestine. Even in the security sector there must be a collaboration based on the incident at the airport otherwise the Israeli bullies would not have acted like that and the whole thing would be handled by the Greek security services. They handled a tourist with their usual brutality, as they treat the insurrected Palestinians and the Israelis who decide not to join the military or actively fight against the policies of the Israeli state.

This is why we decided to stage a dynamic intervention at the check-in area of El-Al at the Athens airport.

Anarchist Group Rouvikonas

(translated by BlackCat)

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