Greece: Statement to the court by CCF comrade Olga Economidou


Statement to the court by Olga Economidou regarding the attempted prison escape by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

I did not come to this court room today to offer my apologies. I do not stand here and apologize to you because I do not regret anything. Even if I could turn back time a thousand times, I would still make the same decision. The desire for freedom cannot be put on trial or imprisoned.

I’m an anarchist revolutionary, a member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and together with my comrades we have taken responsibility from the moment we were arrested. Just as it happened then, the organization took responsibility for our prison escape plan from the cells of democracy and for whatever was needed to be done in order to actualize our plan.

This is not the first time that the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire have been put on trial within these specially designed court rooms, because the CCF is a living part of the continuing history of armed revolutionary organizations.

This political trial is the answer of domination, in order to bury its own factual contestation, which is the armed conflict that we have chosen. Faced with the power’s monopoly of sadistic violence, the anarchist urban guerrilla is our necessary response.

In this era of totalitarianism, where power has permeated every aspect of individual existence, what prevails nowadays is a normalized absence of freedom, a velvet-gloved slavery that has been labeled democracy that is passed from generation to generation as a tradition.

If during the junta they used to impose a curfew, today the democracy grants 1km of freedom, in the case of Evi Statiri and banishment in Salamina for Athena Tsakalou. The persecution of the relatives of political prisoners, as in the case of Christos Polydoros, Athena Tsakalou and Evi Statiri is a repetition of the fascist practices used by the military junta against the relatives of political prisoners.

Once there was the fear of iron chains, now there are the gold cages of consumption where artificial needs and desires are selected on a voluntary basis.

Once there was censorship, today our screens are filled with disinformation, lies, distortion and selective concealment of incidents, all in the name of freedom of speech. The military gendarmes were replaced by the democratic MAT (Greek riot police), in order to defend the symbols and those who hold power. The caterpillar tracks of tanks were replaced by the caterpillar tracks of banks, for the preservation of the interests of capital in order to establish the economic tyranny.

These practices of totalitarianism and the terror games of repression have given birth to a society that is dominated by the endless terrorism of the state apparatus. All moderate resistance is ineffective. The struggle for freedom will only be won through revolutionary violence. This is why the option of anarchist struggle and armed violence is as relevant as ever.

My choice to escape was and still is a conscious political choice. It is an act of war in order to continue what I’ve started. For the continuation of the revolutionary action of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Besides, I have already escaped from your hypocritical morality, from the restrictions and rules, from your civilization that reeks of defeatism and death. The path of the constant attack is the route I’ve chosen and it doesn’t come with a return ticket.

No truce. No repentance.

Olga Economidou,
Member of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire / FAI-IRF

(via Radiofragmata Translation Project)


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