Political prisoners in Greece: “We will not be buried alive!”


Political prisoners tell Minister of Justice Nicos Paraskevopoulos: We will not be buried alive!

A while ago the political prisoners detained in the underground cells of the 6th section of Korydallos Women’s  prison sent the following letter to the political leaders of the Ministry of Justice via prison management:

To: Minister of Justice Nicos Paraskevopoulos and Secretary General E. Phytrakis

Since not many days have passed since the Conference ”Prison, rights, transparency and accountability” that was organized  by the Ministry of Justice on the 19th of May, during which you mentioned  various things regarding ”a window in prison”, ”transparency” and other impressive words, we would like to inform you that we are going to react using every means possible against your effort to block the small opening that offers a view to our sky – which is already being prevented by thick railings and barbed wire and to literally confine us inside a cage using thick metallic barbed wired.

Korydallos Prison , May 27th

Demetris Koufontinas
Nikos Maziotis
Christos Tsakalos
Gerasimos Tsakalos
George Polydoros
Harris Hatzimihelakis
Kostas Gournas
George Petrakakos


In the meantime, as you can see for yourself in the photo, workers continue to install barbed wire on the dead zone between the underground cells and the courtrooms.  It is obvious that this is a vindictive plan to inflict an additional punishment on political prisoners, which -as it seems- was ordered by the Ministry of Justice. It’s not accidental that we have been trying to communicate with the secretary general of the Ministry’s penal policies E. Phytrakis since yesterday and he avoided to come to the phone, while his team refuse to answer our questions.

So, we ask the liberal professor of Criminal Justice Nicos Paraskevopoulos: what rehabilitative logic guides the effort to literally bury political prisoners within an iron cage?  In 2004 a hunger strike was initiated to abolish this cage so that political prisoners could look at least a small part of the sky. The conservative An. Papaligouris was then forced to remove it. In 2016, is professor Paraskevopoulos going to bring this measure back and make his name synonymous with methods of torture against political prisoners?

(via Kontra, translated into English by BlackCat)

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