Finland: Coordinated arson spree in Helsinki by Wildfire Cell


We claim full responsibility for the coordinated arson spree in Myllypurossa, Helsinki in the early hours of 9/5/16, in which 6 cars in the parking lot of some shitty neighbourhood and an excavator on the edges of a construction site were surrendered to the flames of nihilistic vengeance.

We continue with the indiscriminate burning of cars as a manifestation of the misanthropic essence which flows through us, striking at the moral values of society, breaking the suffocating hold of ‘normality’ and causing terror and outrage amongst the detestable hordes of ‘good and respectable citizens’, whose eager compliance with the technological systematization and extermination of all life on earth fills us only with hatred and contempt towards them.

Construction vehicles such as bulldozers, harvesters, excavators and so on serve only to maintain and ‘improve’ the city-prisons and to wreak havoc on the earthly environment, so it should go without saying that they will always be targets for our attacks.

As our cell has grown and our ideas have developed, we have dispensed with the acronyms that accompanied our last claim, as we feel it is no longer necessary for us to use such labels to ‘define’ ourselves or ‘categorize’ our actions. As we continue on our own warpaths against techno-industrial progress and alienation, we will vindicate our actions with our own ideas.

With this attack, we salute the fierce individualities of “nihilistic sect Memento Mori” and “cell of anarchist and nihilist conscience – Falcon of Chaos”. We also send our greetings and respect to imprisoned eco-terrorists, Marco Camenisch, Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito, who despite the situations they temporarily face, have always stayed hostile towards the society that imprisons them.

As for the slaves of everyday life, the “good citizens” and “workers”, you who so happily sacrifice your individuality, self-responsibility and freedom in order to become another mindless face in the crowd, ever ready to serve the masters of your own creation. Go on, keep living your “humble lives”, trying to get away with it all… but you will not – we are coming for you!
For the propagation of chaotic and amoral attacks

In defense of our lives and in defense of all that is wild, we declare;

Death to civilization, and to those who uphold and maintain it!

– Wildfire Cell

P.S. We want to remind all those who live in this current epoch of civilization and modernity, of the beautiful essence of fire that is surrounding the fake illusions of society. We found out that a meat processing plant in Kalajoki was razed to the ground on the same night of our attacks, and although this action was in no way related to us, we send our respect to those persons unknown (at least at the time of writing) who carried out this arson. We enjoy the idea of terrifying these people and their ‘economic’ and emotional suffering brings great pleasure to us.

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