Greece: New statement from Anarchist Group Rouvikonas


On March 21st, the main opposition party, through an announcement, demanded our arrests from the Minister of Public Order (as self-confessed terrorists, as they highlighted) and added that ”the government is watching idly the armed far-left paramilitaries organizing and stating their intention to substitute law and order.”

On March 28th, New Democracy MPs D. Kyriazides and M. Vorides, asked the Minister of Interior, since they blame everything that’s been going on of late on us, ”What steps were taken by the government in order to arrest the terrorists (in…the anarchist group Rouvikonas), to dismantle their criminal organization and to hold them accountable for their illegal activities?”

On April 8th, a new announcement by New Democracy using our raid at Proto Thema as an excuse, highlighted: ”we had warned you about this group.”

Most recently, during a discussion on citizen safety held among party leaders in the Parliament, K.Mitsotakis (opposition party leader) more or less mentioned that Rouvikonas has been roaming the streets after the group forced the government to terminate the operation of the police’s Delta squad. Moreover, he added that we haven’t just crossed the Rubicon of delinquency unprevented, but that we also attack and manage to get away unprevented. That we parade with guns in the centre of the capital and that it doesn’t take much to move from a sledge hammer to a kalashnikov…Of course he did not fail to enrich his delirium with our ”covert links to the government since mass media disliked by the government were our targets.”

Let’s get serious. We, as a group, consider that we have provided sufficient responses regarding the protest held on the 5th of March as well as our intervention at Proto Thema newspaper. New Democracy favours the issue of security and uses a far right rhetoric in an attempt to attract the lost sheep, former Golden Dawn voters. Their political narrative targets refugees, immigrants, collectives and activist interventions, creating a fascist broth they try to feed the most reactionary segments of society. Since always, New Democracy, a nursery of far right mob and bullies, favoured the issue of security and social order as a privileged field of attraction for their far right flock.

Our only response to the son of the man who, referring to cops, stated ”you are the state” is the following:

Rouvikonas is not roaming around. Those stomping around freely are the political personnel of all political parties (of New Democracy-PASOK in the past and the current Syriza-Independent Greeks administration) who have ravaged, repressed and impoverished the working class, the immigrants, those resisting and those who refuse to bow their head before the miserable policies that serve the capital and the exploitation of people. It is the mob of judges who persecute fighters and auction people’s homes while capitalist sharks remain unaffected. It is the prison guards who torture prisoners in correctional facilities and immigrants in detention centres. It is the cops and nazis who jointly attacked anti-fascists in Piraeus. It is businessmen and famous journalists with their offshore companies. It is Siemens and their gift receivers. Finally, it is a political-police-judicial-journalist complex that governs and ravages our lives. And based on the corresponding level of our responsibility, using our limited strength, we will do everything in our power not to leave them alone.

P.S. TAIPED (Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund)was actually surveilled by Delta Squad

Anarchist Group Rouvikonas

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)

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