Greece: Conspiracy of Cells of Fire statement for the April 20th court of appeal


“The distance that separates freedom from slavery…is boldness…”

On April 20, at Korydallos prison, begins the Court of Appeal of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

We’re on trial for the explosive device found at the house in Halandri (“Halandri” case), for the bombings at former Interior Minister P. Hinofotis ‘s house (he worked in the army during the years of the junta), of the ex-deputy and current president of the Bank of Greece L. Katseli and the bombing of the Macedonia-Thrace Ministry on the eve of the Thessaloniki International Fair.

We are also accused of sending parcel bombs to embassies, international police-judicial institutions (eurojust-europol), as well as to Chancellor Merkel, to the Prime Minister of Italy (at that time) and media mogul Berlusconi as well as racist ex-French President Sarkozy.

Finally, we’re on trial for aggravated gun possession and the confrontation with the cops in Pefki.

All these are some snapshots of the actions of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. We’ve openly claimed responsibility and defend all of our actions, as we are convinced that one cannot gain the world neither with prayers nor with curses.

It’s not only the members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and other anarchists for other cases that go on trial on April 20th, BUT the option of the urban guerrilla in it’s totality.

In fact, what’s on trial is the option of armed struggle against the murderous machine of power.

Today, anyone who does not understand the necessity of armed anarchist action against the tyrants of our life, is either extremely naive or a cop.

All those who roll the dice with our lives in the stock markets, the central banks and the international meetings of power are not going to give up their offices and their wealth if we politely ask them to do so…The only language they understand is fear.

Our voice and ideas are more powerful when they come from the barrel of a gun…

Enough with tolerating the scarecrows of power mocking us speaking of “democracy”, “freedom” and “rights.”

If you want to understand what all of them think do not listen to their words…just look at their actions…

They are the same ones who have imposed a murderous financial dictatorship strangling our life every day, pushing some people to resignation and others to suicide.

They are the same ones who send armies and turn whole countries into mass graves favoring the interests of multinational oil corporations.

They are the same ones who run propaganda and the spectacle turning the lie into truth, life into digital fake and happiness into mobile phone accessories.

No peaceful protest, no left wing illusion is going to overthrow power from its throne.

The question that often sounds like a dirge “and how is the world going to change?” is crappy, defeatist and cowardly…Anyone who wants to change their life and the world, gets armed and becomes the answer.

On April 20th the judicial Inquisition wants to elicit from us a sign of remorse, a sign of truce…We were locked in cells, they moved us into isolation sections, they arrested and imprisoned our relatives, we’re being put on a trial inside prisons BUT we’re not going to be at peace with death and subjugation…

The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire will be reconstructed and will be back on the attack…

“The ugliness of power and every one of it’s aspects has been analyzed and interpreted by every generation…What is happening today does not need further analysis, it needs actions…”


The members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire FAI / IRF

Olga Economidou

George Polydoros

Christos Tsakalos

Gerasimos Tsakalos

*Translated by A-politiko as a minimum gesture of solidarity with our comrades, for the solidarity day on April 23rd.

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