Greece: Strict security measures against political prisoners in Korydallos


Following the recent escape attempt from the underground cells in the women’s section of the prison, new security measures have been implemented which involve an increase in CCTV cameras, the installment of new rails in various places and an increase in the number of prison staff guarding prisoners confined underground.

On Wednesday April 13th, there was an attempt to place a second row of bars around the cells which would deprive prisoners of the already limited view. The prisoners reacted intensely against this possibility. At the same time the same blame game we’ve witnessed a thousand times before took place, with the prison officials blaming the Ministry of Justice and vice versa.

Also, it became known that the ministry approved a 17 000 euro budget to cover the cost of these extra security measures, very quickly.

Prisoners in the underground cells of Korydallos prison are determined to react in any way they consider appropriate in order to cancel this new plan against them.
Each must take responsibility for what happens from now on, whether this is the Ministry of Justice or the prison management.

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)

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