Philippines: Support the Greenhouse Infoshop mobile library!


My name is Noel Regachuelo I am a community organizer, gardener, artist and a designer. I maintain the Greenhouse Infoshop Project, an autonomous space & a community library. Our space is located far from the city, so I designed a mobile library that can go to any places at any time. The design is simple yet compact and practical, with the use of my road bike attached to the cart library, composed of (zine shelves, book shelves, compartment, battery, solar panel, video projector & speakers).  As a community organizer my visions are; to share knowledge, skills and support communities thru library, gardening, art and music, towards sustainability and autonomy.

I think the most important thing I advocate is “free education”, I think education is the key to liberate ourselves from any kinds of oppression (ignorance, slavery, poverty, rape, crime & injustice). With your support, this project will be realized. My proposed budget would be $1000 or 46,000 in Philippine peso. The amount will be used to purchased material like; (plywood, nails, paint, 2 bike wheels, screw, speakers, led light, 30 watt solar panel, 6 volts battery, small video projector, steel tubing, children’s books, zines and reference books.

Since I am located in Philippines sending a material for a perk abroad is very expensive. So I am offering my services in Graphic design and Illustration. For $100, I can do designs, logo’s, comics illustrations, book cover, album cover, t-shirt design, trading card or a personalized design on anything. All funds will go to finance the mobile library, from building to operational expenses.

If supported, The Mobile Library can fight illiteracy, provide alternative & updated reading materials, teach children how to read, free school sessions & film screenings. If realized, the Mobile Library will be the first Library on Bicycle in the entire Naga City Philippines. It can go anywhere, from public schools, remote communities, far distanced marginalized communities and outside Naga City.

Since we already have our autonomous space & community library (Greenhouse Infoshop Project), it is already easy for us to organize activities and work with friends, people, individuals & communities. You can visit our blog for more details and information of our community projects.

If crowdfunding couldn’t meet the amount proposed, we are willing to raise funds locally in our community. I am positively hoping that the Mobile Library will be supported by people with generous hearts and open mind. You can also support by sharing our campaign with your friends, families, website, blogs and social media. Please use the Indiegogo share tools for easy sharing.

In Solidarity!

Make a donation HERE

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