Athens: Arson attacks against 2 churches in solidarity with Monica and Francisco


We believe that no particular reason is necessary to accompany a destructive action of manifestation of hate and anger against one of the most timeless oppressive mechanisms that the human flock created with ulterior motive to convert it to a warranty of security and stability. Besides, how could the centuries of oppression, punishment, guilt, disgrace and enforcement be castigated and intently analyzed in only one claim of responsibility text? We would need many volumes of books to cover in the minimum a demonstration of this degeneration of existence, which is religion, that has always been the crucible of weakness, resignation, terror, decay and distortion, staining shamelessly through its own paradox, the life and its glorifiers, spreading everywhere the germ of guilt against the future and contributing in the creation of amputated believers who are ready to kneel down before every preacher of truth and adore the lashing of sin.

Through this brief approach, anyone can understand the religion’s part of contribution in the establishment of authoritative societies and the mass life that is evolving in the daily life rut of insecure septicaemic people, who are unshackled from their own personal will and passion, who are condemned to carry the burden of the sacred ideal that was introduced by the divine exemplar as an undeniable logic which in the sequel constitutes the womb of the contemporary scientific doctrines.. Furthermore, the important contribution of every religion in the engendering of vanity and apathy just couldn’t stay in obscurity, since the divine substance that is being displayed from the religious people as a one-way street could flourish strictly in circumstances of assignation and representation. Therefore, the aggression against the religion’s structures is an indefeasible part of the overall war we are carrying against the existing system. A war with the consequences that many comrades, scattered both in time and place, have faced and are still facing.. Some of these comrades are Monica Caballero and Fransisco Solar, who were convicted because of the bomb attacks against the cathedral of El Pillar in Zaragoza. Wanting to express our complicity with the imprisoned comrades, in the context of the international call for solidarity, we broke the windows and set on fire these two churches:
-The monastery of All Saints in Kallithea
-The monastery of Saint Basil in Exarchia

To draw this text to a close, we will use a quote of the comrade Fransisco Solar, which we believe expresses the motives of our action:
“We are iconoclasts. Hence, I believe that in this effort we have to be consistent. We are not the saviours of anything nor anyone. If we clash with authority it’s because we want to abolish it from our lives and not because we hope that a paradise will emerge from the debris of power. The thing that belongs to us is the complete negation of the existing system and what this system offers is a mystery. This is what motivates us.”

(via Radiofragmata Translation Project)

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