Spain: Monica and Francisco sentenced to 12 Years


It was just announced that Monica and Francisco, two comrades arrested in Barcelona in November, 2013, and accused of terrorism, just a couple years after being fully acquitted of similar charges in Chile, have been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, after having already been locked up over two years awaiting trial.

The specific charges that Spain’s Audiencia Nacional found them guilty of were damages with terrorist aims and injuries. Significantly, the charge of belonging to a terrorist organization did not hold, meaning no precedent is set for the over thirty anti-terrorism cases pending against anarchists in Operations Pandora, Piñata, and others.

At the trial, in early March, it became clear that the police had no convincing physical evidence. Video footage was blurry and nearly all from Barcelona, where Monica and Francisco were living, and several hours away from Zaragoza, where they are accused of placing a small bomb in an empty cathedral. DNA evidence on the bomb and on the payphone from which a call was made do not match them. The police witness who claimed to use advanced biometrics to identify them from footage based on the way they walked turned out to be a simple cop with no degree in biometrics.

Monica and Francisco were convicted for being anarchists.

The struggle continues.

(via Anarchist News)

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