Solidarity letter from imprisoned comrades in Greece to Osman Evcan


Osman Evcan, who is imprisoned in the prisons of the Turkish state from 1992 and identifies himself as a vegan anarchist since 2003, is fighting a tough struggle for the rudimentary conditions of living, like the achievement of mail, telephone communication, information etc, with the main point being the vegan alimentation right. Since the 22nd of February, he is carrying his 4th hunger strike for the same reasons, in a very short period of time from the last one, as they transferred him recently in L type prisons, losing everything he had achieved till now with his former exhausting hunger strikes.

We know little about him personally, but we cannot help but feel moved by the fact that in a country-war zone, an imprisoned comrade is choosing and insisting to raise the matter of total liberation of life from the shackles of civilization and authority. An imprisoned comrade who refuses to feed himself with corpses of animals, which have been tortured by the meat industry and all the derivatives of pain, who refuses to become a cogwheel in this bloodthirsty capitalist machine which is destroying and plunders the earth.

We ourselves have experienced the disdain and irony in our non anthropocentric struggle attitude; even inside the anti-authoritarian milieu in Greece, usually in the name of “something more important”, as if there can be an impartial prioritization of the struggle. That’s why this has an additional importance for us to point out the hunger strike of this comrade in Greece as well, aside from the obvious support and solidarity that Osman needs at this tough moment.



Dimitris Politis

George Karagiannidis

Yannis Michailidis

(via Radiofragmata Translation Project)

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2 Responses to Solidarity letter from imprisoned comrades in Greece to Osman Evcan

  1. thanks, editing it now.


  2. erroneous translation says:

    *We barely know him personally,*
    The three comrades imprisoned in Greece don’t know him personally at all; what they write in Greek is:
    We know little about him personally, ….

    Greek original text:


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