Greece: Working class solidarity with refugees and migrants!


Working Class Solidarity With Refugees And Migrants

For about a year the scores of refugees and migrants are in a state of constant movement under squalid conditions. Their effort to start a new life and avoid war and economic pauperization meets the resistance of the Greek state led by a left wing government. The anti-immigrantion policies that have been implemented, acknowledge and use raised fences, secure borders in the presence of the army and frontex and create detention centres presented as ”accommodation centres”. These perpetuate the logic of mass incarceration and push-backs of migrants, neglect the material living conditions and construct Greece as a bastion of Fortress Europe against the will of populations on the move.

The last few days have been very significant on the issue of refugees, since approximately 35 000 refugees are stranded in Greece following the closing of the Macedonian border. In contrast to the pursues of the Greek state and the E.U, there is a social movement of solidarity with refugees and migrants.

The libertarian groups of the Facutlies of the Univerisity of Athens and Piraeus, as part of the student movement, took the initiative to get to Victoria Square on Friday 4th of March, a little after mayor G. Kaminis’ racist statements regarding the evacuation of the square. Our goal was to distribute food and basic hygienic products. We also helped to organize the food, water, clothes and blankets being brought for hours by people in solidarity with refugees. In addition, we raised a banner at the square and placed posters along main streets in the neighbourhood as a sign of class solidarity against the far-right mayor and the business-owners in the neighbourhood.

The student movement must not remain stagnant and passive regarding the issue of refugees. Workers in schools must expose the necessity to house refugees within university buildings as a political demand provided that the accommodation falls under the responsibility of the institutions themselves. We want refugees and migrants to be able to attend universities if they choose to do so and be granted every legal right of local students. The student movement must prioritize practical solidarity to refugees by promoting anti-racist policies and internationalism through its actions.

As libertarians we call on students in solidarity to support with their presence and activism the actions of the social network of solidarity at Syntagma square from 10:00- 18:00.

-To defend the choices of refugees and migrants.
-Full rights for everybody -refugees and migrants.
-Free movement for everybody. Cut the fence of Evros and Eidomeni

Libertarian groups from the faculties of the Universities of Athens and Piraeus

(via ClassRom, translated by BlackCat)

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