Greece: Post-sentencing statement of Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis


Order has been restored. The lenders, the EU, the ECB, the IMF, the USA,
the transnational economic elite, the ranks of the “institutions” can
now rest easy that their puppets, the Greek judges, using me as an
example sentenced me to life because I blew up the building of the Bank
of Greece -a branch of the European Central Bank- where the office of
the representative of the IMF is also. The leftist government of Syriza,
which is so sensitive in matters of “terrorism” can also rest easy
because it made guarantees to the lenders that the memorandum programs
can continue to be seamlessly enforced when the internal enemy is being
oppressed with the “necessary strictness”.

As an anarchist, when I made the choice of armed revolutionary action, I
knew the price of this choice could be a heavy conviction or even death
in a clash with the police just like when it almost happened at
Monastiraki in July 2014 or like when it did happen in Dafni on March
10th 2010 when the member of the Revolutionary Struggle, comrade Lambros
Foundas, was killed. But the price of the struggle and my choices never
scared me, not even now with the decision of the judges of the 2nd trial
of the R.S. who sentenced me to life plus 129 years.

It was something that I expected as a possibility from judges that
showed their intentions from the start. When the enemy shows such fury,
it honors me especially because it proves how correct my choices are,
the correctness of fighting opting to use weapons against a criminal
regime that robs and has left hecatombs of dead people.

The life sentence for the bombing against the supervision directorate of
the Bank of Greece, an act with a warning call, with no injuries but
only with material damages, proves the fury of the servants of the state
and the puppets of the transnational elite because we did not surrender,
we did not go back to prison after our arrests in 2010 and our release
because of the end of the 18 month detention period, because we chose
clandestinity in order to continue the armed struggle, because we
continued the action of the Revolutionary Struggle.

This decision does not intend to terrorize me –because they know they
will never break me- but those who will want to choose the armed
struggle, the comrades of the anarchist-antiauthoritarian milieu and the
militant social groups. This decision proves the imbalance with the 1st
trial of the Revolutionary Struggle where for 16 actions of the
organization me and Pola Roupa were sentenced to 50 years while in the
2nd trial for one bomb attack with a warning call and no injuries, I was
sentenced to life and for the cases of the two expropriation of banks
and the armed clash with police in Monastiraki the sentence is a total
of 129 years.

The fury of the judges of the 2nd trial becomes more obvious considering
it convicted me arbitrarily with the charge of “managing”, something
that was rejected in the first trial. This decision will not scare me in
any way. I am a lifelong militant of the struggle for Revolution, the
subversion of Capital and the State. I willingly give my life for this

Comrades do not fear them and counter-attack.
The struggle continues until the last breath.


(via Act For Freedom Now!)

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