Turkey: Letter from vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan



I wish everyone healthy, pleasant, free lives, I send my love and greetings.

I was exiled from Kocaeli No 1 F Typ prison on 05.02.2016 and taken to Silivri prison by force.

Our VEGAN ALIMENTATION RIGHT, which we have obtained through hunger strike in Kocaeli No:1 F Type Prison is totally usurped and destroyed in Silivri No:6 L Type Prison, which I have been exiled=transferred to. The aim of this exile=transfer was to practice the violation of right in Silivri No:6 L Type Prison. This planned scheme is put into action in this prison.

From the day I have arrived to this prison, I have faced violation of rights. To put an end to these inhumane practices and violation of rights; I have written petitions heaps of times. Till this moment, none of my petitions are answered. The violation of rights neither have ended, they are still going on.

The meetings, dialogues we have been doing for the last 15 days and the petition letters we have written to end the violation of rights have not yielded any results. The violations of rights are still present. I have started the indefinite hunger strike protest today (22nd February 2016) to resist the practiced usurpation of rights, violation of rights and the restitution of our humanitarian rights. I will continue my hunger strike until the violation of rights end and our humanitarian vital rights are restituted.

The demands of my Indefinite Hunger Strike Protest:

1- The right of vegan alimentation which we have obtained through hunger strike in Kocaeli No:1 F Type Prison is completely destroyed.
Yet entitlement of this right is acquired through Indefinite Hunger Strike Protest and through the support and solidarity protests of public opinion. This right is legitimate, legal, judicial and is a fundamental right of human.
The formation of these humane rights is ensured during the period of protest; with the recognition and approval of the Ministry of Justice and with the dialogues carried on mutually. By agreeing upon certain fundamental rights, our problem of Vegan Alimentation was resolved.

Our obtained, fundamental, humane Right of Vegan Alimentation is aimed to be destroyed by exile=transfer. This violation of right is planned by Kocaeli No:1 F Type Prison Administration and Ministry of Justice and therefore the exile=transfer is realized. The area of practice is the Silivri No:6 L Type Prison itself.

We want the violation of our acquired, legitimate, legal, humane VEGAN ALIMENTATION RIGHT; which is planned through the exile=transfer, to come to and end.


a -Our right of ordering and shipping the vegan food and products we need from Vegan Dükkan (Vegan Store) should be restituted in this prison as a humanitarian, legal and legitimate right.

b – The prison canteen should provide and sell vegan food and products which vegan and vegetarian prisoners are in need of.
Regarding this issue, we have communicated a list of vegan products that vegan and vegetarian prisoners need, to the prison administration. These products we need shall be provided and sold by the canteen.

c- The facility and right to buy raw vegetables (such as cauliflower, savoy cabbage and potatoes etc.) that vegan and vegetarian prisoners need, should be provided.

d- Vegan and vegetarian prisoners shall be weekly provided with seasonal raw vegetable as bulks within subsistence allowance.
Seasonal raw fruits; broccoli, cauliflower, savoy cabbage, leek, potatoes, carrot, parsley, lettuce, dill etc.

we do not accept and eat non-seasonal greenhouse product vegetables (tomatoe, green pepper, cucumber etc.) and canned products.
e- Sufficient amount of boiled, salt and fat-free grain and legume products shall be provided to us.

f- An ELECTRIC STOVE shall be provided to vegan, vegetarian prisoners in order to cook.

2- I have been taken to Silivri No:6 L Type Prison via exile-transfer on 05.02.2016. Since then I am withhold in the short stay unit which lacks a exercise yard. This is an inhumane, unlawful, oppressive and authoritarian execution. Such executions aimed at suppressing, oppressing and intimidating prisoners shall be stopped. A new cell with ventilation yard shall be arranged.

3- During entrances and exits through the X-Ray door, our shoes are taken off by the commissioned officer and we are ordered to pass without putting on sandals. This practice shall stop. We shall be allowed to pass from X-Ray door with sandals.

4- CAMERAS are placed in our rooms to pry, control, peep the prisoners. The camera placement is an attempt to attack to the lives of the political prisoners. This practice shall stop.

If this practice is protested and the CAMERA IS DISABLED (by changing the route or by breaking it), arbitrary disciplinary penalty investigation is enforced. Until now, three disciplinary penalty investigation about me is started. These penal sanctions are aimed to destroy our fundamental humanitarian rights. Such penalty investigations directed towards prisoners shall be completely annuled.

5- We cannot purchase our choice of newspapers and magazines from the outer canteen. The demanded newspapers and journals should be ordered and the opportunity and right to purchase them via outer canteen shall be granted.

6- 10 books are allowed per room. All books, magazines and alike documents brought with us shall be given to us without any restrictions.

7- Fixed assets such as wallboard, table, chair, wooden bedstand that are provided without charge by the prison administration in other adminisrations are sold to prisoners in this prison. This arbitrary practice shall be terminated.

8- The clippings that include the barcodes and postal receipts of the faxes, Express Mail Service letters, registered letters, registered letters with return receipt written to our friends and relatives are not handed to us. There is no way we can find out if they are actually sending our letters. This is an arbitrary, unlawful practice. This arbitrary practice shall be terminated.

9- The present central television broadcast does not include IMC TV and YOL TV channels. Our request for inclusion of IMC TV and YOL TV to the prison central Office broadcast shall be accepted.

10- When using our weekly call, we are not allowed to call again the next day if the calls are not answered or if our families are not present at home during that day. Therefore a violation of right is exercised. This practice shall be terminated. We should be able to call our families in the following days of the week and be able to establish telephone contact.

With love and respect,

No:6 L Type Prison B-9 Üst kat, müşahede kısmı, Silivri-İstanbul

(via ABC İstanbul)

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