Turkey: Update on the 4th hunger strike of vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan


Vegan prisoner Osman Evcan has staged a hunger strike for the fourth time in protest of violation of his right to nutrition, naked body search, and communication restrictions.

Evcan had ended his hunger strike, which he started on November 10, 2015 as he was in Kocaeli F Type No. 1 Prison, on December 19 as his demands were met.

He was transferred to Silivri L Type No.6 on February 5. He is being kept in short stay unit under surveillance without ventilation.

Lawyers of Evcan said they were told “there is no room” when they told them their client has to be moved off the temporary room, and asked “Why did you bring him to Silivri from Kocaeli if there was no room”.

Cargos carrying food the vegan prisoners need to be accepted to the prison, opportunity to buy raw vegetables (cauliflower, black cabbage, potato, etc.) from the canteen, to be provided seasonal vegetable and boiled pulse instead of greenhouse and canned products are among Evcan’s demands.

His sister: He had just terminated his hunger strike

His sister Asiye Evcan told that Osman Evcan had called and said he has gone on a hunger strike:

“I submitted petitions to Ministry of Justice, Prime Minister, anywhere I could think of. I still continue writing petitions.

“He had bronchitis, just terminated the hunger strike. He is resisting but it has started to become very often now, it is very dangerous. But he says, ‘What else do I got in my hands? I just exercise my right, I will head towards honored death rather than buckling under”.

Prof. Dr. Etiler: Solution is simple

Prof. Dr. Nilay Etiler from Turkish Medical Association (TTB) said she met with Evcan after he ended the hunger strike in December, and he has seriously weakened:

“We could only talk, didn’t have the chance to examine him but him going on hunger strike for the fourth time is worrying.

“This is a right, right to nutrition. There is no regulation that cannot be made, it is all about good intention. This problem can be solved by a simple regulation”.

Evcan had resisted, regulations had changed

After being sentenced to life imprisonment in 1992, Evcan had gained the right to vegan-vegetarian nutrition for all vegan-vegetarian imprisoners in the wake of his 43-day hunger strike in 2011.

On March 28, 2012 “Amendment Regulations on Food Law Regulation for Convicted, Imprisoned and Penal Institution Employees” had been published on official journal. Thus the paragraph in the earlier regulation implying “sick convicted and imprisoned receive nutrition determined by the institution’s doctor” was changed as “sick convicted and imprisoned receive nutrition determined by dietitians or doctors. Demands of convicted with special dietary habits due to their religion or vegan and vegetarian dietary habits are met under the condition of being limited to the amount of nutrition”.

Evcan had carried his battle to the next level in his 33-day hunger strike and gained the right as he demanded in addition to preparing vegan-vegetarian meals with fresh and seasonal vegetables, that also obstacles before importing vegan food should be removed.

Evcan, imprisoned in Kandıra No 1 F-type Prison has been on hunger strike since November 10 against the arbitrary restraint of his acquired rights.

(via bianet)

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