Turkey: Arson attack against AKP party building By TiKKO militants in Istanbul


TiKKO, the armed wing of the TKP / ML (Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist Leninist) continue their fight against the fascist state of Erdogan and the AKP. Having already conducted numerous actions in protest against the massacres suffered by the Kurdish people, TiKKO have clashed with police in Istanbul for several days in response to the killing of 60 people by Turkish state police in Cizre and have now set fire to an AKP building in Istanbul.

Information center: according to information recieved, on the night between the 9th and 10th of February, TiKKO activists set fire to the AKP building in Pendik district, Istanbul. The militants released a statement regarding the attack. With their action, the TKP / ML saluted the resistance of the Kurdish people and the total resistance of all those who protest against the massacres and military blockade in Turkish Kurdistan. The activists of the TKP / ML declared: “We will continue to strengthen the resistance against the attacks that are specifically targeting the Kurdish people.”

“Every day that passes, the fascist Turkish republic kills dozen of our people n Turkish Kurdistan; they lead a total war policy in order to destroy the Kurdish nation. We affirm once more that we we will not remain silent against such acts. In this sense, at around 0:30 yestersday activists from the TKP / ML-TiKKO set fire to the AKP building in the district of Pendik.

Following our action; the repressive fascist forces entered the Pendik district and attacked the people and placed several people in custody. Hundreds of members of the Special Forces and dozens of armored cars attacked the area and conducted searches in public places, conducting interviews and trying to intimidate the people.

As activists of the TKP / ML-TiKKO we will send this message once: Abandon the plan to capture us because we are in the Heart of the People, in working class neighborhoods, in factories and in the fields! For us, we are the People…

As the successors of Kaypakkaya (translators note: refers to İbrahim Kaypakkaya, founder of TKP / ML, murdered in police custody in 1973), we will continue to strengthen the resistance against the attacks on the Kurdish people and we will continue to target all interests representing the fascist power of the AKP!”

(via Nouvelle Turquie, translated by Insurrection News)

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