Australia Day: The Main Event in the National Sport of Denial


Note: The following text was written by some unknown activists who redecorated several ‘ADSHELL’ corporate advertising spaces in the city of Melbourne, in so-called Australia on 26.01.16 in protest against the ‘Australia Day’ national public holiday and it’s accompanying ‘official’ celebrations. 

Australia Day: The Main Event in the National Sport of Denial

Today, advertising across the city of Melbourne has been replaced with messages that confront “Australia Day” for its inherent celebration of invasion and the genocide that continues to be perpetrated against First Nations Peoples of this land.

This act of protest seeks to highlight that so-called “Australia” was invaded under false pretenses, and that the sovereignty of its First Nations was never ceded, whilst simultaneously reclaiming public spaces from commercial entities for use as a public forum.

For many Indigenous people, today is a day of anger and mourning. In the wars that followed the initial invasion 228 years ago, hundreds of thousands of Aboriginal people lost their lives in defense of their homeland. Countless more have died since as a result of the national narrative of denial and neglect that has since been perpetuated by governments, businesses and schools. To uphold this narrative through the celebration of Australia Day, is to continue the genocidal mindset of the first invaders and to uphold their actions.

The private entities that pay to control our public spaces know this history. They have helped perpetuate this patriotic myth because they profit from denial. These companies are the same companies that are responsible for the displacement of Aboriginal people from their lands, the pollution of environments and the destruction of cultures. They would have Aboriginal people assimilate or be wiped out and they would have you, the individual, conform or disappear.

We stand against all private entities that would seek to colonise our minds for profit and we stand in solidarity with all Aboriginal peoples fighting to decolonise this continent.

History is shared. Reflect and acknowledge.


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