North Kurdistan: Armed actions by YPS Şırnak kill 6 members of Turkish ‘security forces’


06.01.16: 5 special operation police and 1 specialized sergeant were killed in Şırnak province where also Turkish forces have recently started to attack neighborhoods protected by local self-defense units.

An armed action targeted an armored police vehicle on Şırnak-Cizre highway at around 02:30 last night. Civil Defense Units (YPS) Şırnak has claimed responsibility for the action against the armored vehicle which “was destroyed after detonation of an explosive planted in the road”.

Accordingly, the action which killed 5 special operation police in the vehicle was carried out in retaliation to the murder of two youths in Dicle neighborhood the night before.

YPS-Şırnak stated that one specialized sergeant was killed in another action on Çakırsöğüt road Wednesday morning.

According to the statement, a police point in Atatürk neighborhood was targeted by a missile attack at 21:30 the night before. The action resulted in casualties but the exact number couldn’t be verified.

(via ANF News)

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