North Kurdistan: One soldier killed, five others wounded in Sur


23.12.15: Popular self-rule resistance against state terror continues in Amed’s central Sur district in its 22nd day.

As clashes in the district have got heavier since this morning, soldiers and special operation teams have yet not been able to enter the neighborhoods with the help of tanks and artillery strikes.

Reports are coming through that at least one soldier was killed and 5 others were wounded during today’s clashes in the district that erupted as youths responded to Turkish forces’ attack on Yıkıkkaya Street of Fatih Paşa neighborhood at noon. One civilian has also suffered an injury as a result of the aggression by police and military units.

According to local sources, 6 special operations police were killed in yesterday’s clashes in Hasırlı neighborhood, which remains unverified though. Reports say that the policemen were killed in a school where they were deployed, and their bodies still remain in the school garden amid a mobilization of ambulances in the area.

(via ANF News)

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