Germany: Chamber of Commerce & business hotel in Freiburg trashed by ‘Autonomous Groups’


‘Autonomous Groups’ have claimed responsibility for attacks on the Chamber of Commerce building and the so-called Green-City Hotel Vauban with paint and rocks in Freiburg. The attacks were carried out in the context of the recent COP21 summit in Paris and the so-called ‘big breakthrough’.

excerpts from the communique:

In Paris, COP21 has ended but the resistance against capitalist interests and their green-washing goes on. The world of parliaments and industrialists celebrates the big breakthrough at the summit with so-called civil society.

The big break came in the context of a conference shielded inside by more than 115,000 cops and soldiers. Raids, hundreds of arrests and assembly bans against activists all legitmized via the state of emergency proclamation. This was offset by hundreds of thousands of people who were not deterred by all this and still managed to express their militancy with creative protest.

Freiburg is a prime example of the green-capitalist model and was of course represented at the Paris Conference.

The Chamber of Commerce in Freiburg promotes the development and expansion of the local economy. Thus it bears a strong responsibility for the development of industrial and office parks…This economy which relies on urbanization and densification inevitably leads to the destruction of the environment and social displacement of people within the city.

The Green-City Hotel Vauban and it’s 30 occupants were evicted in 2011 by a contingent of 1,200 cops. It is a symbol of brutal social repression and the implementation of profits as well as image-oriented urban development that pretends to be ecologically and socially conscious.

Expropriate the industrialists!


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